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2015 Specialized Turbo S - needs new battery

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    2015 Specialized Turbo S - needs new battery

    I have a 2015 Turbo S that I rode literally about 30 miles when I got it. I just have had it in my house all of this time. Well, since I'm not using it, I would like to sell it. I took it to Bicycle Sport Shop here in Austin and they said it needs a new battery. They said it went dead because I didn't cycle the battery during the time I just had it parked inside.(They said a new battery is $1,000)
    What do y'all recommend I do? If I sell it, do any of you have some suggestions as to what I should ask for it?
    It's size Small
    Of course if you are interested in buying it and can view/pickup in Austin (I assume packing and shipping would be crazy expensive), let me know so you can check it out.
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    Packing and shipping should be $150-$200, easiest way to go might be shipping on Amtrak or Greyhound. There is definetly ebike enthusiasts in Austin, list that thing on craigslist for a barter for something you like?