TidalForce M-750X
From Wikipedia:
The Wavecrest Tidalforce M-750 was based on the original military experimental M-313 model. The M-313/M-750X was the first electric bike to be made and tested by Wavecrest Labs. It is based on a design developed for the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) that was meant to allow zero-heat long distance troop movements for the United States Marine Corps in Afghanistan. The rear wheel in-hub motor and 36 volt/8ah front-hub battery were mounted onto a standard Montague Bicycles Paratrooper Bicycle frame. The 1000 watt rear hub motor had no set speed restriction, but was limited to about 25-32 (depending on load weight) MPH on a flat course. The distance the bike traveled on a single charge ranged from 15 miles (heavier load with no pedaling) to about 25 miles (vigorous assisted pedaling with less hill climbing).

X suffix denotes that the motor is a 1000 watt motor without a set speed restriction as compared to the speed limited 750 watt version.

Bike Includes:
Montague X-Bike folding frame
SR Suntour hydraulic front fork suspension
SRAM MRX grip shifter
Alexrims DM24 front; DM18 rear
QR Beam Rack MTX
Factory charger
Original Montague and TidalForce owners manuals

Everything works except the battery. A great project with many possibilities. $225
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