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2018 Townie BBSHD

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    2018 Townie BBSHD

    Hi guys,

    I'm putting the Townie up for sale. It is a new build and had been ridden perhaps 10 times.

    EM3EV 52V 17ah jumbo shark
    Shimano XT brakes
    Super powerful Fischer Fab House headlight wired into the battery and custom leather mount
    Body Float suspension post (amazing)
    Brooks B66 seat (this is an extra wide Brooks and is super comfy)
    Schwalbe Big Ben Plus tires
    Very high performance brake lines and cables. Highest end line of Jagwire.
    11-34 rear with 46T Lekkie
    Lekkie buzz bars crank arms
    Aftermarket pedals.
    Rear fender light runs off dynamo hub
    Secondary light and bike alarm system with remote mounted under the Brooks.
    Stitched leather chain guard
    Leather licence plate with motor wattage engraved
    Dual kickstand
    Kryptonite New York Fageddaboutit Lock with custom leather wrap.

    This bike shifts and runs flawlessly. It only makes sense to sell it locally as it would be too expensive and difficult to ship. I am in West Vancouver BC Canada.

    Very clean install with nylon braided wire covers.

    Everything on the bike and the bike itself were all bought new and is in new condition.

    $3,000 Canadian


    That's a lot a bike for the bucks very nice


    • AndyZ
      AndyZ commented
      Editing a comment
      Yeah I think it is a fair price. I don't think it is easy to get top dollar for a diy e-bike. I personally know this bike is perfect, but I think buyers are leery about used diy e-bikes, or used e-bikes in general. It is doubtful I would buy a used e-bike unless I got a good deal.