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Cannondale F700 Commuter conversion - Price Drop

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    Cannondale F700 Commuter conversion - Price Drop

    Cannondale Bafang BBS02 52v EBike -- $1,200

    Cannondale F700 Headshock Mountainbike Medium frame size (I'm 5'7") with XT rear derailleur; converted with Bafang BBS02 and EM3EV 52V 13.5 Mah Super Shark Battery. Conversion parts were bought from EM3EV and installed last summer. I have about 120 miles on the conversion. The tires tell the tale of mileage when you see them

    I got the bike years back and used it a bit as an MTB. Family life takes its toll. There is some chain slap on the rear stay, but everything else is in very good shape.

    I converted it last summer to commute to work and did a couple shakedown rides. Then we got a puppy that kept me from using it as much as I would have liked. It works great, with a top end of 35 mph, but I want to go in a different direction.

    Bike Specs:

    · Front Cannondale Fatty “D” headshock in fine shape
    · New 1.85” slick tires
    · New chain (Not in pictures but will be installed).
    · Ergon EP3 grips with bar ends
    · V brakes with upgraded brake pads. Frame is disc compatible if you want to update to discs.

    Bike weighs 43 lbs with motor and battery. which is pretty light for an ebike. It’s an ebike that still feels like a bike, not a motorcycle. I’ve gotten about 50-60 miles of range out of each of the 3 battery loads I’ve run on the bike. That’s running pretty hard and wide open in a lot of spots. (I was commuting to Bethesda from Vienna).


    - EM3EV Bafang BBS02 (Version 2) motor. 750W Purchased last July.
    - EM3EV Super Shark 52V 13.5 MaH battery. They build the best shark battery in the business with great construction and a Battery Management System that auto balances the cells, which is a HUGE benefit for batteries this complex. Usually you have to go through involved charging routines and rituals, but this battery just works. Includes a Bluetooth application to monitor the battery’s health and charge from your phone.
    - Comes with 5 amp charger that will fully charge the battery in about 4-5 hours.

    EM3EV has one of the best reputations in the EBike kit industry. You can google them to get commentary and learn more about their battery technology on their website.

    Lekkie Bling Ring, 52T aftermarket chainring that provides a 52-11(?) final drive ratio. This gets you to 35 mph with the current setup. The bike has enough torque that you only have to downshift a little to pull quickly away from a standing start. I spent my commuting time on roads since I could out accelerate cars on the secondary streets.

    Thumb throttle mounted on the left side provides that little burst of energy when you need it. You could also technically just ride the bike with this throttle, but, it is a bike after all.

    Stock v brakes have been fine. I upgraded the pads in front for a little more bite. The frame has mounting points for calipers if you want to go to discs.

    I have a brake throttle switch that I never installed. It’s yours with the bike.

    I also have a set of offroad tires if you want to take this bike into the mud. I used it briefly as a commuter bike.

    $1200 including all spares. Prefer local, Shipping on your dime. (Yes, Bikeflights ships batteries).

    Bike is in Vienna, VA outside of Washington DC

    PM me here for details or text to 703dot675dot2212
    Lock does not come with bike. New 1.85 commuter tires, have offroad tires. XT rear derailleur, LX rapidfire shifter Cannondale Headshock is in good shape 52t Bling Ring Basic display, thumb throttle, Ergon grips
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