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Trek Marlin 6, Custom LED's, Brake light + Blinkers. BBS02

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    Trek Marlin 6, Custom LED's, Brake light + Blinkers. BBS02

    Want to sell my Bike. Put allot of time and work into the LED's.

    Marlin 6 18.5 frame less then 1 yr old (2019 model)
    13Ah 48v battery lasts me all day.

    LED's get everyone's attention, especially at night, and I mean crazy attention. Took allot of time(days) and soldering small wires, the quality of the work is very good IMO. Buy this bike and tell everyone you did it yourself, they will be impressed! I've yet to see another bike like mine.

    The LED's are animated, and can play about 5 different animations I programmed in them myself. - See LED's here. - Also a short video of very bad quality here

    Working brake light + Blinkers.
    Everything works fine on the bike. All gears shift flawlessly.

    Just want to build a new bike now, and trick it out too of course.

    Bike located around New Orleans, and have no idea how I'd ship it. I'm sure we could figure it out if you're really interested.

    Want to get 3,000 for it.
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