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BRAND NEW 2019 Rambo R750 26(FREE SHIPPING).PRICE: $2499

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    BRAND NEW 2019 Rambo R750 26(FREE SHIPPING).PRICE: $2499

    Please visit our website to place your order.We are offering free shipping for the time being.
    R750 G3 Matte Black Electric Hunting Bike by Rambo Bikes 19mph/LG 48V 10.4AH/750W BBSH02 High Torque Mid Drive. Equipped with both throttle and pedal assist (PAS) The R750 G3 is perfect for the hunter that needs to cover ground fast and silent. Enjoy Fast Free Shipping and no sales tax. And today our Flash Sale 5% Off

    I have a friend with one of these - the rear IGH has seriously limited gear range, the chain ring is much too small and the motor parameters could really use some tweaking IMO

    We're going to try larger chain rings and fiddling with the motor parameters which should help a lot and make it reasonable but replacing the rear hub will be an expensive necessity to make this a decent ride - at least for how the owner and I ride

    If putting around at very low speeds is all you are looking for it may be suitable but pedaling much above 10-12mph isn't realizable with the present driveline arrangement - it may be they deliberately geared it so low to help ensure the BBS02 doesn't get lugged but it's too low for most practical riding I do... they say 19mph top speed and that's likely about right - not limited by motor parameters but by the gearing with the motor running at 100% speed (much too fast to pedal)... I don't mind the 20mph legal top speed but want to be able to pedal at that speed

    Not sure the best way to deal with the rear hub range which is clearly a big challenge to address


    • Steve
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      I have this same setup except with the BBSHD. Top speed is about 20mph (which is fast enough in the woods carrying gear). I use the 30T Mighty mini with a 28T or 30T rear cog. It will climb a 30% grade given good traction.

    • AZguy
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      Top speed pedaling or throttle only? My biggest gripe is that while it would go just shy of 20mph on the throttle you'd have to pedal at something like 150rpm and that the top practical pedaling speed was only about 12mph

    Throttle only. Can’t keep up with pedaling at this gear ratio. Only thing getting exercise is my thumb.