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Cheap high current cells for DIY batteries

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    Cheap high current cells for DIY batteries

    I found a really cheap source of high current SPIM08HP cells. These cells can output 200A continuous and 400A peak and they are only 4$ each. I was able to make a 72v 8AH for under $100 with these cells. Here is a picture of the battery pack that I made. There is no soldering required to build this battery pack, I just used some 1/4 inch threaded rod and some nuts.
    Here is a link to where I got these cells:

    Click image for larger version

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    Are those 'Leaf' cells? What kinda rig you got these on? I have wondered about building some flatter backs for bicycles that you could mount pannier style.


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      No these aren't leaf cells. I have been using them on my DIY Ebike that I made. With my setup, I only draw like 50A max so theses have plenty of headroom for my needs. They are also pretty nice because the voltage doesn't droop under high loads. They come in a plastic holder that makes them easy to stack but you can build packs with just the raw cells which is a lot more space efficient.