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Niterider Lumina 900 sale $49

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    Niterider Lumina 900 sale $49

    Planet Cyclery has a sale on Niterider Lumina 900 boost. This is a heavy duty MTB light . The day strobe can be seen from 1/4 mile in the daytime and has a fast and slow mode..

    The beam is kind of narrow for offroad riding, but you can control where it's going for traffic use. It's basically a 700 lumen light with a 900 boost setting that doesn't last too long.

    I've used Luminas for years and for street the 2 lowest settings at night, and the fast strobe in the day work well and give decent run times.

    I got the light, and it works great. The low setting makes plenty of light for street riding, so good run time there. It does have 2 strobe speeds, but neither one is the same as the older" flicker" strobe the original Luminas had. I'll probably still have one of those on the handle bars for when I really want to be noticed. I always have 2 lights anyway.