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Black Mamba Killer Bike Skin

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    Black Mamba Killer Bike Skin

    BLACK MAMBA KILLER BIKE SKIN - (find out how to get yours free below!)

    Black Mamba Skin offers the thickest and strongest bike skin on the market today. The Original Black Mamba is a textured, hard, dense yet malleable product that offers fantastic bike protection; it is the thickest skin bar none! Our Clear Mamba 14.5 mil. is used in Military applications to protect Helicopter Blades and Rotors because it is that strong! The adhesive peel and stick backing makes installation extremely quick after just a bit of prep work.

    We offer four styles of varying thicknesses and different widths to accommodate every bike on the market. You will need to trim them slightly at the bends and to adjust the length to fit your specific bike and its contours because as we all know; every bike is different to some degree!

    Every piece is 32" in length so every order offers more than enough to cover your entire downtube and bottom bracket with just one piece. Our four styles are:
    1 - Black Mamba Killer Bike Skin: its extra thick, hard, textured neoprene.
    2 - Clear Mamba: 14.5 mil thick, super tough and is currently used in Military applications, most notably on the blades and rotors of military helicopters to protect them from sand and rock chip damages.
    3 - Smooth Black Mamba 9.5 mil - used for chain stays, seat stays, seat tubes, shock and fork wraps.
    4 - Clear Mamba 7.5 mil - also used for chain stays, seat stays, seat tubes, shock and fork wraps.

    The Smooth Black Mamba and Clear Mamba 7.5 are thinner making it easy to bend and adhere to the tighter corners.

    NOW AVAILALBE ON AMAZON! Click the link below!


    Be one of the first five people to send in an installation video for you tube and post a review on Amazon and you will get a FULL REFUND OF BOTH PRODUCT AND SHIPPING. 100% REFUNDED!!!! (You agree that we can use the video on our you tube channel to help others in the future)

    If you are interested, make the purchase on Amazon, and send me a message that you will be making a video. The First 5 Purchasers that submit a legit, decent video (showing a basic step-by-step guide to installation) will get a FULL REFUND OF THE COST OF THE SKIN AND SHIPPING. YES 100% to the first five. The next five will get 50% of their purchase price refunded.

    Three THINGS THAT ARE A MUST! - 1) The videos must be: half way decent 2) they must be SHORT! Please, nothing longer than 5 - 10 minutes top! 3) you have to give an honest review on amazon. That is all you need to do to get a full refund!

    offer for a full refund on product and shipping (100% refund) ends Wednesday May 16th. IE - Order must be placed via Amazon on or before May 16th 2018. After which, you pay like everyone else!

    Please hit me up if you have any questions. : Black Mamba Killer Bike Skin : Sports & Outdoors
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    Here is a link to my shitty ass you tube install videos! I need help. Send yours in and get a full refund on the purchase price (and shipping)!



      Here are some photos of the Black Mamba installed on my Carbon Fiber Salsa Bucksaw