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Big Blue Saw Sale Going On Now

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    Big Blue Saw Sale Going On Now

    We haven't done one of these in a while, but there's a sale on custom aluminum and stainless steel parts coming next week at Big Blue Saw. Need a custom bracket, brace, or battery holder made? Try us out during next week's sale. More details in the link.
    We've been focused on big changes to our workshop and the website and haven't really had time for a proper sale on custom waterjet cut parts. So I'm happy to announce that next week we're offering discounts 3 different materials. Here's a sneak peek

    Just a reminder: the sale starts today and ends Wednesday, October 17.
    Whether your're building a robot, a research project, or an electronics enclosure, we've got you covered with this week's sale. Let’s take a look at the discounted materials on sale this week. The sale starts Monday, October 15, and runs though