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SOLD: Luna Cycle 48v 17.5aH Panasonic Jumbo Shark e-bike Battery + 3amp Mini Charger

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    SOLD: Luna Cycle 48v 17.5aH Panasonic Jumbo Shark e-bike Battery + 3amp Mini Charger

    SOLD for $285 + shipping

    Looking for about ~$285 + shipping ($11-20 depending on where you live), but open to offers.

    I bought this battery for my full suspension mountain bike and used it for 4 or 5 rides before realizing 17.5aH capacity is way overkill for my needs. I typically go on 8-15mile rides up and down steep mountain trails, only using the lowest pedal assist settings, and would have approximately 90-95% charge remaining when done riding. That is a nuisance since I would then be required to keep using the bike/motor to deplete the battery's charge to less than 80%, which is what is recommended for proper battery storage when not in use to ensure a long healthy battery life. I ended up buying a smaller/lighter battery +charger and don't forsee a need to use this battery/charger anymore. I imagine this battery would be perfect for anyone using a throttle-only ebike (with a BBSHD or BBS02 motor) where you want to ride long distances without pedaling.

    The dimensions of the battery are 14.25" (Length) x 4.25" (Height) x 3.5" (Wide). Also see attached photo for traced dimension (1"x1" major grid with 0.25" minor grid lines). Because of the mount, account for 3/16" (min) to 1/4" between the battery and the frame.

    I am also including a Luna Cycle 3amp Mini charger that has a 3 charge setting selector (80/90/100%). It has a 4.5ft power cord and a 5.5ft charging cord

    48v 17.5aH Batteries retail for about $420-455 + tax/shipping
    Charger retails for $59 + tax/shipping

    I am second owner
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