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WTB that random wheel you don't need

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    WTB that random wheel you don't need

    Hey everyone, I'm looking to build something on the cheap and have a lot of wiggle room, and it seems like a wheel is what I'm still looking for a good deal on.

    I'm looking for a front wheel with a motor, the ideal size would be close to 16", but I'm willing to, and should have space to do anything from 12" to 29"(It's an odd chopper bike with extended forks)

    Ideally I will be running the motor from a cheap 36v 500w or lower controller with 40v batteries I already have, and then later I will probably add a chain drive and upgrade the rear wheel and brakes as well, but right now I would really just like to find a decent used motor if possible, as it seems like I might get something a lot better without buying the pricey, but cheapest new options(I'm seeing 80ish usd for 12" 350w max wheels, and 125+ for 20"+ wheels)

    I'm not concerned about having a lot of power, it's just to make it a little easier to ride a bike less than a mile to and from work, since it seems pointless to drive one of my cars that tiny bit daily, and I think a cheap diy e bike would be a great option and a fun project.

    Feel free to offer up any old oddball extra wheels you may have, I may be interested in a few if the price is right.

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