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    Battery box

    I built this brake formed aluminum battery box for my 11.5 AH Panasonic battery (LUNA supplied), it uses the existing water bottle threaded hole on my frame, I'm pretty sure those are pretty standard as to on center measurements? It is slightly oversize so there is room for high density foam padding, and by pulling the two piano hinge pins, one side pops off while the base remains bolted to the bike, and the battery can be easily removed. It's open in the front for cooling, and if I felt the need I tucked a piece of scrap EPDM rubber sheeting in the front to deflect any water (used for commercial roofs nowadays, scraps are easy to come by on any construction site). The rear bracket captures the rear frame tube of the bike, and I'm not real sure I needed that but it made the whole thing super rigid and secure, rather then just depending on the water bottle mounts. It has a 60 amp breaker/switch mounted on the rear, which I'll include, That alone was $20.00, I'm asking $40.00 for the box, you pay shipping, probably less then $10.00.

    I have since installed a 17 AH GA triangle battery on the bike, and that is why I don't need this anymore.

    Aluminum, piano hinges, rivets,... putting your aircraft building experience to good use...


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