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BBSHD with under 25 miles.

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    BBSHD with under 25 miles.

    I bought a brand new BBSHD from Luna. It has under 25 miles on it. I cant use it. The controller cuts off the motor after 7 miles. The state of charge reads 85% even though the battery is 100% charged. When the display registers the state of charge to be 5%, the battery internal indicator says it still has 50% charge. But, the motor cuts off at this point, having only traveled about 7 miles. Luna solution is for me to buy buy more stuff like a program cable. If the programming cable proves the controller is bad, then I am to buy another controller.
    I reckon there might be some valuable parts on this motor since it is brand new. As a whole unit, it is worthless. Anyone wants to buy it, i'll sell it for 300 + shipping, as is.

    Does it cut off when pulling current (flooring the throttle) or when sitting? If it cuts off when flooring it, you need to make sure that the wiring is good aka using at least 8 gauge wires and the connectors are fully seated. I also removed the shitty anderson connector that comes with the kit. I kept melting them and the connection would in-turn be poor and cause this same issue on my bike.

    What is your battery configuration 14s5P? Is your bbshd the offroad version pulling 1000+watts?

    FYI I have 2 bbshd bikes. 1 has 3004 miles on it the other has ~200.


      I know this is a for sale post, but like Whitfield, above, I can't help trying to help, instead. If not to assist you, then to the buyer :)

      It sounds like your low voltage setting is set too high for your battery, perhaps, and that requires a program cable, yes.

      It could be several other things, too, so I also don't blame you if you'd rather sell than repair, no shame in that!

      Good luck.
      Fabrication is fun! Build something today. Show someone. Let them help. Inspire and share. Spread the desire.


        I read his other post on this, and have yet to see him list what battery he is using. If it is a mini style (low ah/watt hours) 7 miles could be about right if he is flooring the throttle the whole time, especially if he lives in a hilly terrain area. Seems this person does not want to step up and realize these kits are DIY!!!!! While they do fit and work well with many different set up configurations, somebody not informed, or unwilling to do any troubleshooting or try experienced peoples advice, SHOULD just sell it and walk away. But, unless you can show it is a problem with the unit (troubleshooting), I would recommend against throwing the blame on LUNA. Slander, and libel are not something you want to be "on record" in their own forum. It could cost you more than just the price of the kit. I dont have a lot of money, and was on a budget with my 1st build and understand the temptation to get a lower priced item or not want to buy more stuff, but to want to sell a $600+ kit for likely half its price because you dont want to spend $20 to try a program cable sounds crazy to me.....
        BUT to be helpful, here is some technical info if you choose to think about it. My pack is 52v 12.5ah. It will only get around 25 miles if I am "dogging" it with the throttle. Which is why I have TWO of those packs now. Just fyi
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          It could be something other than the motor, I agree. Probably is. But I think you were a bit unfair to this customer. Let's try another perspective:

          My interpretation of his post was different from yours. I did not find Jake's OP here to be slanderous. Luna recommended he get a tool and do some troubleshooting, he declined and is selling cheap to get out of it. Does not want to diagnose and correct the issue. Seems fairly objective, to me, really. He's not happy, and it shows, sure, but snarkiness is not slander.

          I think it's a fair choice to sell instead of diagnose. It's OK to give up and sell out of any project if you don't want to continue. Stating a possible issue which exists, when selling the kit, seems pretty forthright; he needs to for the buyer to be aware, but I don't see Luna being unfairly slandered here....just disclosure of what little the owner knows. Seems pretty honorable, to me, to make sure he discloses the story behind what he's selling, and to sell cheap, accordingly, in case it is a motor problem.

          And, while I love to promote DIY and repair, I sure wouldn't chastise anybody for preferring not to DIY their way out of a bike build that is failing them.

          Jake, I give you credit for trying to build yourself an ebike, in the first place! Kudos for daring to try. I've got a few things around here I gave up on, too....
          Fabrication is fun! Build something today. Show someone. Let them help. Inspire and share. Spread the desire.


            I may have been a bit rough, but the op didn't want to attempt ANY troubleshooting. He stated he has had bbshd before, so should realize they are diy and not always plug and play. Had it just been stated that he thought he knew what he was getting into, buy just doesn't have the time/patience/money/desire to continue it would be a different story. But anyone stating they are selling out of a project because they do not want to spend $20 on a cable, for a $1000 project(2%) just sounds like complaining to me. Sorry. He complained a "kit" should be plug and play with all neccessary items like prog cable included. I beg to differ, most hobbies require additional parts to complete kits. See RC airplanes/ cars etc. Just have to do the research. Sorry if any feelings were hurt, but sometimes we diy people have to take responsibility for our choices.