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Like New: Luna Cycle 42T Eclipse Chainring, Black -- OBO

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    Like New: Luna Cycle 42T Eclipse Chainring, Black -- OBO

    I have an Eclipse 42T Chainring for BBSHD that I installed when I put my bike together. I did not use it because I felt the alignment was not correct so I installed the Aluminum Chainring.

    So this chainring is in almost like new condition. I would gladly send pictures via direct email or text.

    Since these sell for nearly $90 I would say this is easily worth $70 plus shipping cost. OBO
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    Originally posted by Elecbike
    Hello, I have and old Yukon trail navigator sm24 electric bike and the connectors on the battery are broken this company it looks out of bussisnes, I see that you have some connectors but you don't have diameter measurement, mine has inch and a quarter by 3/8s male side,and 1 inch and a half by 1/2 " on female side uses only two prones. How can I get something similar,. Thanks.
    You posted twice in the wrong thread. This is a "For Sale" thread where I am trying to sell a Chainring