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Raised chainstay frame on budget Trail Bike.

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    I'm a street rider so big chainrings are part of the deal for me, unless an IGH is involved. I'm starting an IGH project right now so I'll have a better feel for gearing when I get that going.


    • Superfood Funguy
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      Very nice! Are you looking into the Rohloff hubs? I'd be interested in seeing your build.

    It wont be a Rohloff. It will be 2nd bike for guests to ride along with me. 750W TSDZ2 with a Nexus 7 IGH. Torque sensing and no throtlle. Just get on it and ride.
    Here's the thread on my BBSHD. I'm converting bikes I laready own.
    I didn't actually do the coversion myself. But there's been enough tuning and modding that maybe I have something useful to offer anyway. The GF Solstice was

    I posted an IGH gear calculator if that interests you.
    I found this gear calculator that includes IGH hub inputs. Thought it might be useful. Thanks Sheldon Brown RIP.


      Great build, Superfood. I am about to convert a Nishiki Colorado Comp and was wondering which ring you ended up using, how many teeth the chain needed to be in length, and if you are happy with the build? Thanks!
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        While fdealing with a broken Connex link on a Wippermann E bike chain I realized that the raised chainstay would allow a riveted chain to be removed cleaned and replaced without any tools, or weak split link.

        Edit- Not reallt true due to the derailer cage, but true with an IGH and a single plate tensioner.
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