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speed hacks for super 73 rose ave pls.

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  • speed hacks for super 73 rose ave pls.

    Hello I am new here and have just ordered a super 73 by lithium cycles, it is a Rosa ave limited edition, I plan to mod it to go faster than the speed limiting will allow, but I know very little and want to do it right, any advice or direction would be awesome, thanks in advance, is there a chip? a physical mod that needs to happen? how can I do it i have seen a few videos and none are specific to the Lithium cycles, super 73 rose ave.

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    That bike is not high voltage, not even 52v. For real high speed you would need to alter every aspect of the build including using a higher voltage battery and a high voltage controller and a direct drive hub motor laced into a new wheel


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      Yikes sounds intense and expensive yikes


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        Cool looking bike. You do get what you pay for and you are paying for 20 mph. You may be able to bump speed 5-10 mph with a beefier controller. 48V batteries can get you 30 mph in the right setting. When you burn out the hub motor with the higher power, you can upgrade to a more powerful hub.


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          Another limiting factor is the rim size. 30 mph on a 48 V battery with a 20 inch rim is fairly unrealistic regardless of the current, especially if it's also fat bike