Controller issues

14 minutes ago
Hi all,
Ive recently put together a 72v 3000w kit on a kona five-o.
It was fairly straightforward and used torque arms both sides.
While the ride is fairly quick it's not been without its problems, not mechanically but on the electrics.
It started with a hall sensor problem, fortunately there is a spare connection so that sorted that out.
Then came a motor problem but pretty sure the controller was getting too hot.
Once cooled it was ok but didn't last long before it packed up altogether, no display and the wheel struggled to turn by hand.
I unplugged everything to free the wheel up so I could get it home but on plugging in the battery lead it was like reversing the red and black, big pop!
Im hoping the controller has caused this as it didn't like climbing hills anyway.
Could anyone recommend to me a good controller and LCD I could use, I'm told 18 mosfet upwards, to give the best performance?
I currently use a KT-lcd3 which I've not been that keen on as the power delivery isn't as instant off the twist grip as I'd like.
I have a brainpower controller on a 1000w kit which works beautifully.
I'm working towards fitting the 3000w kit into a full suspension bike once happy with it all.
Thanks for any help!
Martin (Devon, UK)

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