from where to start .....
i am begginer into electric bike (motorcycle) i never build it of my life or play into it frist time for me

first i bought that bike from a dealer near my town (dealer which is in import bike) not from the compagny

best poems sun 500 w

i decide to upgrade it for a qs hub motor 5kw with kelly controller

when i put the motor into my bike i realise i will have to rebuild my plug connection cause on my bike i have hangzou yuyang king controller

and its not the same plug but like i said before im beginner and im totaly lost into it

so i dont have any notion into electrical diagram etc and the major problem is i dont have the diagram wire of the bike

this is a yuyang king controller schema

my first idea because i dont have diagram of the bike was to compare the wire between controller to figure out which wire is what

for the new motor qs motor i dont have have 3 speed and on my bike i dont have cruise control and reverse button so no plug

btw on the old controller ( yuyang) these plugs was'nt connected

the anti thief seem i dont have it into the new kelly controller so i guess nothing to plug in

for the main hall sensor i can directly plug my motor sensor with controller everything is fine

my problem is about High brake, Low brake , phase line meter and throlle wire i dont know which wire to fix between old controller and new controller cause they dont use the same term

for kelly

DJ7091Y-2.3-11 Pin Definition
(14) REV_SW: Reverse switch input. Orange (like i said i dont have reverse button in my bike should i take care of this wire ?)
(6) RTN: Signal return or power supply return. Black (grd)
(12)FWD: Forward switch White (i dont have button on my bike i like i said to fwd/rev so ? )
(11) 12V:12V Source Red (ye ok np for this one )
(25)12V brake switch. Yellowish ( ( which wire i should use )
22)ECO: Low speed input switch function. Blue ( i dont know )
(33)CAN-H:Green(Optional function) (should i take care ?)
(7) PWR: Controller power supply (input). Pink (dont know which wire i should use)
(34)CAN-L:Dark Gray(Optional function) (should i ...)

(15) Micro_SW: Throttle switch input. Gray (in other diagram of hangzou i have only description throlle wire so im lost into it is it volt signal ? input )
(3) Throttle: Throttle analog input, 0-5V. Dark Green (like i said i see only one input from wire throttle into diagram of the hangzou so i dont know which wire on my bike )
1) Temp: Motor temperature sensor input. Raddle. (on my dash display i dont have temperature of motor should i take care ?)
(20) RTN: Signal return. Black (grd)
(8) Meter: Copy signal of hall sensors. Dark Blue (phase line meter ?)
(4) 5V: 5V supply output, <40mA. Purple (throlle wire ouput ?)
(2) Brake_AN:Brake variable regen or Boost function. Brown ( i dont know what is )

the rest its already plug into controller cause same plug of motor

(21) RTN:Signal return. Black
(5) 5V: 5V supply output,<40mA.Purple
(18) Hall A: Hall phase A. Yellow
(17) Hall B: Hall phase B. Dark Green
(16) Hall C: Hall phase C. Dark Blue

if anyone can helppppppppppp mee give me more explain and be lantern for me and enlighten me should be appreciate

i dont have any store around me who is habit with this kind of electric stuff i live in little town and to transport the bike into somewhere its not soo easy w/o truck i must resolve it
when i try to get support into my dealer he dont want help me and dont want provide me the diagram of the bike cause he is a simple dealer and chinesse compagny which build that bike said its not our product im losing 1500$ with this project i would like to fix it