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BBS02B with error code 11h and side effects, please help!

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    BBS02B with error code 11h and side effects, please help!

    Error code 11h with some side effects

    Recently on my commuter I have error code 11h popping up. Little history, I broke down the motor cleaned and used red and tacky grease. Rode fine for 400 miles, until recently error 11h is showing up. Looking up the codes it says it could be a phantom error, but I have some side effects.

    When I turn on bike after sitting for a while no error code until I pedal or throttle. Then 11h, everything runs fine and no noise, but it seems its limited to unger 450-500w. I can continue on for about 5 minutes and will get some hesitation and then all the sudden it is working perfectly. No error code. Now when I break, but still in motion error code goes away until acceleration. Then also I put motor into the "0" pas setting and the 11h still pops up.

    I have since broken down the motor and cleaned it up. Used mobileb28 this time. And the error code still exists. I'm stuck here. Any direction on what to look at. Will replacing the computer solve the problem? Thanks in advance for the help.

    I've got the same error for my BBS02B! Error code 11 (fault with temperature sensor inside motor). It only shows up when throttle or PAS is used, and it seems to limit power output to ~400W

    Did you end up finding a fix for this?


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      It is recommended that you look at all of your current wiring harnesses for damage and scorching, if not, it is recommended that you replace them with a new controller