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    I experienced several types of noise and vibrations within several weeks after installation on my Trek 7.2. First there was a clicking sound while pedaling and it turned out to be loose crank bolts. Second, there was growling and vibration under load but silence at PAS 0. This one was a bit scary because I could not replicate it with the wheels off the ground. It turns out that the inner BB lock ring was slightly loose and once I tightened it securely, everything was fine. It happened once again but this time I ordered the special wrench for the funky outer lock ring, tightened everything up to spec and it hasn't happened since. I have ~1,750 miles on the 750w rig with 52v triangle battery. I love this thing to death and recently set the battery gauge (DPC-14) to voltage in order to get a better idea on battery life--the percent gauge was darn near useless as it was always on 100% and once it started indicating less, power would quickly fall off a cliff.
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        I have 2 bbshd's. (1 from Luna, 1 from China) As I reach high rpm, they both start to vibrate, until I shift or reach my final gear. (I always pedal in 9 pas) One is a typical 8 spd.derailuer and the other, an 8 spd. IGH. Both act the same. I suspect loose tolerances in the motor's reduction gearing or a thrust bearing, but I just don't know. More an annoyance than anything.


          One of my BBSHDs vibrates at high load/speed sometimes. If I change gears, it goes away. So, I do that. It's worse with worn chain/cogs, so I rather think it's my chainline; I'm not convinced it's the motor, but maybe in some cases? I did think so, at first, but it wasn't really noticeable anymore with fresh chain and cogs, first time, a few weeks ago. This is a lower miles bike I haven't ridden as much, first worn-out chain, so not sure yet.
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            My BBSHD does the same. It is definitely related to motor RPM. When it starts like you I upshift and it stops. Then as I go faster in the new gear it will start again, shift ,rinse, and repeat. It may be a loose bearing pocket. I don't know. I will have to tear it down this year. I should have done it already but I have been working on other bikes.

            I brought this up a long time ago and never got a reply and now that it is mentioned once in a while I get stubborn and don't reply but I have been seeing a few posts so here I am.

            This was my original description of the problem.

          Downshifting works for me, too. changing torque changes side loads (thrust) on gear train, so could very plausibly indicate motor drive noises. But one worn out cog can be lumpy/noisy at some loads, too. Hard to separate, for me. Perhaps some of both.

          Worn nylon gear, too, probably could do this. A lot of drive issues show up as vibrations.

          I'm not worried about it, so far. I should probably take a look and re grease, before too long, I suppose.

          Interested in any causes found, and if any replacement or upgrades are known to addresse same.
          Fabrication is fun! Build something today. Show someone. Let them help. Inspire and share. Spread the desire.