This is a new Thread as i was going to put a Cyclone 7000W motor on this bike but decided that the old saying from SPIDERMAN

"POWER CORRUPTS, ABSOLUTE POWER CORRUPTS ABSOLUTELY" so you can have to much of a good thing.

And i wanted a bike to ride not a complete motorbike.

So I Stayed at a level where s Cadence Sensor Still works.

The Build was easy as it was the BBSHD.

Its all in the preparation......

I needed a few extra parts

Fluid brake sensors
Rapid fire gear shifters
a PF30 BB Converter
2 Luna Chain ring Spacers
5 washers

2 Home made Alloy Spacers for BB

Cable Ties

As my son was having my Fat Bike and BBSHD,was taking the BBSHD 120mm BB off his old bike for my new build.

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THE Chain ring needed 2 5mm spacers and 1washer per bolt in order to nor touch the frame.

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The BB used a set of J&L PF30/BB Right/BB386 EVO>BSA Bottom Bracket Conversion Adapter/Convertor

I bought off EBAY for £5.00

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I spent more time cable tieing every thing than putting it together

Now I need to test run It
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