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Specialized Carbon 'Fatboy' and the Bafang BBSHD

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    Specialized Carbon 'Fatboy' and the Bafang BBSHD

    This is a new Thread as i was going to put a Cyclone 7000W motor on this bike but decided that the old saying from SPIDERMAN

    "POWER CORRUPTS, ABSOLUTE POWER CORRUPTS ABSOLUTELY" so you can have to much of a good thing.

    And i wanted a bike to ride not a complete motorbike.

    So I Stayed at a level where s Cadence Sensor Still works.

    The Build was easy as it was the BBSHD.

    Its all in the preparation......

    I needed a few extra parts

    Fluid brake sensors
    Rapid fire gear shifters
    a PF30 BB Converter
    2 Luna Chain ring Spacers
    5 washers

    2 Home made Alloy Spacers for BB

    Cable Ties

    As my son was having my Fat Bike and BBSHD,was taking the BBSHD 120mm BB off his old bike for my new build.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	20160714_073729.jpg
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    THE Chain ring needed 2 5mm spacers and 1washer per bolt in order to nor touch the frame.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	20160714_073802.jpg
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    Click image for larger version

Name:	20160714_073838.jpg
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    Click image for larger version

Name:	20160714_073815.jpg
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    The BB used a set of J&L PF30/BB Right/BB386 EVO>BSA Bottom Bracket Conversion Adapter/Convertor

    I bought off EBAY for £5.00

    Click image for larger version

Name:	BB.JPG
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    I spent more time cable tieing every thing than putting it together

    Now I need to test run It
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    Nice write up SuishyBoi, good to see a well documented build. Where did you get the battery cover?


      Its Home Made

      A Neoprene Yoga mat and a couple of Roof rack straps Its Hand stitched at the moment but i am going to take it ti get some machine stitching for strength.

      cost me £2 for mat and £4 for straps

      Ohh and a box of plasters for all the holes in my fingers

      But does cover the Triangle battery nicely


      • Rodney64
        Rodney64 commented
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        Very nice, its good to see some really innovative professional looking ideas coming along on this forum.

      So Took it out for a shake down

      Apart from

      Seat needs angle changing
      right gear lever alignment
      right brake leaver alignment

      derailleur tuning

      all seem mechanically fine.
      will check all bolts next

      main Issue is the battery cuts out under load

      I have to disconnect completely to get system to reboot

      I have had this with the battery before
      but 5 times on one ride is a bit much and not all under load too


        The PF30 to BSA adapter(s) you bought - do they just sit in the BB shell? How tight is the fit? The "teeth" of the motor bracket bite onto the adapter rather than the BB shell, right?
        I just wonder if they add any support at all to the motor to stop it dropping down once the lock nuts are tightened? If not I guess you need to really righten those lock nuts.


          The PF30 Adapters are a push fit
          o i bought a simple tool to get them in properly off Ebay

          Click image for larger version

Name:	tool.JPG
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          so they are very tight

          I have had no movement so far
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          • Louis
            Louis commented
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            Thanks, thats an easy home made tool, a great share!

          Nice bike. Just curious. Where is the carbon?
          Do something that is good for your health, good for your wallet and good for the planet - get an e-bike.


            I'm curious too? Having no experience with cabin frames, the BB looks like it has welds? Click image for larger version

Name:	Screen Shot 2016-07-15 at 11.15.26 AM.png
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              I have checked

              and the frame is a lightweight alloy but the bike originally came with carbon front forks.

              It now has Bluto's but the bike was called the Specialized Carbon Fatboy


              • Louis
                Louis commented
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                I curious about what carbon does for a fork. Different performance characteristics or just for weight and strength?

              • PoweredRide
                PoweredRide commented
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                Mostly for weight but if designed right it can flex for added suspension whereas alloy is just stiff. Still not as good as steel forks. A lot of engineering goes into carbon bike components so the flex well and absorb a lot of road bumps and vibration. When I see cheap chinese carbon clones I doubt they have those characteristics.

              You might want to cut those zip ties flush with a nipper, especially the ones on your seat stays, they can be sharp. Ask me how I know this.... lol.

              Nice ride


                This is my latest upgrade a new rear fender and a topeak super tourist


                  I just found this adapter, is this what I need for a BBSHD on a PF30 Fatbike Pro that is 100mm wide