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Are there any BBS02A nylon gears left on the planet?

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    Are there any BBS02A nylon gears left on the planet?


    I have an old and sturdy BBS02A and after 5 yrs I melted the white plastic gear (because I used the wrong lube, ffs).

    Now I can't find a replacement part ANYWHERE! I would really appreciate any answers. Even if the answer is No, there is none left on planet earth.

    Also I would take a suggestion on the kind of lube one should use on the plastic gear.

    Looking forward to hearing from you guys and gals!

    Greetings and welcome to the forum - I see a lot of maybes on eBay (because the vendors aren't specific), but the pictured gears look like the "A" version, from what I see (out of stock) elsewhere.

    .. and the BBS01A version is not compatible - is this correct? And the A/B design cutover is roughly 2015?

    On greasing, white lithium grease is my understanding, but I've also see writeups using Mobil 1 synthetic. Just not petroleum-based grease.
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