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    Other than the rim size what you are looking for is the inside width at the axle. 135mm was the original standard when mountain bikes got popular which was also about the time cassettes got popular. In the last 10-15 years there have got to me a lot more wider options but I think in the world of hub motors 135 is/was still a standard but since hub motors had threaded axles they could just use spacers to fit slightly wider frames.

    So once you know what width you need you are looking for something that says HG spline. HG stands for hyperglide which was the first popular style of cassette from Shimano. There are other flavors like micro spline but HG came out in the 80's so its what everyone else copied. There were 7 speed HG cassettes in the 80's but I don't think they have been made for years. Once you get to 8 its the same with up to 10 as long as its the original HG standard. There were/ are others where things don't interchange and I think some 11's that work but if you are in the 8-10 and HG things should be fine. They full words HyperGlide is still a Shimano trademark so that is why you often see HG.

    Derailleur may work with more speeds but you will need a new shifter unless you are going with a friction sifter as opposed to a index/click shifter. If the goal is more range you may have to change the derailleur anyway for the range.


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      Very good points

      Fortunately indexed shifters are relatively inexpensive, even good ones...