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Winter usage/storage of my Bafang BBSHD

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    Winter usage/storage of my Bafang BBSHD

    Hello everyone,

    First post on the forum. Been riding my BBSHD (on Cannondale Trail 6) for 2 years. Just sold my car since my bike fill most of my transportation needs (my girlfriend has a car ;) ).

    I've been riding it hard even in the Canadian winter. I live in the province of Quebec (north of New England) and winter are pretty rough. The middrive kit handled both winters pretty well. A little rust here and there but nothing major. I change the main steel gear and clutch once but nothing else so far.

    I recently moved in a new appartment and there isn't much space indoor to store the bike. I stored it on the balcony until now and wonder what I'll do in the winter. The balcony has a roof and doesn't receive much snow (if any). We do receive about 700cm of snow each winter where I live. Here's my question; Can I store the ebike on the balcony even if temperature drops to -15 Farenheit? I obviously keep the battery indoor at all time even during the summer months. Do you have any storage tips in this particular situation?

    PSRiding a BBShd with 2.5'' studded tires in fresh snow is the best feeling ever!

    Thanks in advance for your answer!


    Sounds alright to me. Also doesn't seem like you have any other good options. I keep mine in an unheated garage and ride in the snow. If I know I'm gonna be riding in more snow than clearish pavement I grab the bike with 4" tires. If I'm only expecting some snow then the 2.5's will do. It is kinda annoying when things are extra clear, you have to hear the studs and know they are wearing down for no good reason. Makes my wrist and wallet hurt thinking about replacing them but at least its cheaper than replacing the whole tires studs and all.



      Thanks for taking the time to answer my question! The only other option I have is to put in my office but I don't think my girlfriend would appreciate much ;)

      And yeah, always a pain to hear the studs wear off while riding on pavement when there's no snow. Any idea which replacement studs and tool I should buy if I'm using these tires?

      45NRTH Kahva | Studded Commuter Tire | 45NRTH‚Äč

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        45Nrth makes a T handle tool for installing and removing the studs. Its not showing up on their site but many online stores seem to have them and cost is about $10 so not bad. I have the 45Nrth tool and all my tires are 45Nrth. I think the Schwalbe studs and tool which is more of a screwdriver handle type is also compatible but I don't know that for sure.

        Also especially since you are in Canada check out North45, they make a great face mask balacalava.


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          Much appreciated, have a great day!