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Can you replace BBS02 motor core with BBSHD?

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  • stts
    I did that kind of thing when I was a kid. Put a different more longer armature in an electric drill. It did get more power. But the electric actually ran thru the bigger armature. These Bafang motors are way different. The core has no power running thru it. Its just magnets. And they are sized to have the most optimum gap for the best efficiency. If a different core is used, It will likely be less efficient, even if it works. They would have to be identical to be able to swap. There are tear downs posted all around. See if there are any obvious differences. But I wouldnt waste the time. There have been no postings of core swapping as a big upgrade. Just nylon gear upgrades and controller upgrades.

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  • mickyd
    started a topic Can you replace BBS02 motor core with BBSHD?

    Can you replace BBS02 motor core with BBSHD?

    Can I replace my 2019 BBS02 motor core / rotor with a new BBSHD core / rotor? If so, will I get the same performance as an HD setup? I assume that I will have to reprogram my existing controller to go from its current 25A to 30A.