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    Bafang mid drive

    I have a problem I’m really hoping someone can help me solve, I’m trying to fit my motor but there’s a big gap between the support arm and the motor housing so the provided bolts don’t fit and even if they did there would be a fairly substantial gap Click image for larger version

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    Hi, and welcome to the forum. This is part of the adjustability for different frame bottom bracket widths. You'll need two M6 spacers, probably 5-6mm thick - or stacks of small diameter M6 washers will do as well. You can also use a stack of M6 split lock washers if you flatten them out.

    Do you have any well-equipped hardware stores in your area?
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      Thank you, I can go to the store and I’m sure can get them but I need longer bolts too and I’m unsure what to look for

    Did you look through all the hardware that came with your kit? Some of the kits I have installed came with some longer bolts and spacers but it depends on the reseller, I don't think Bafang includes anything. If you can't find that stuff locally check where you bought the kit, many sellers will have some sort of optional install kits that include an assortment of various spacers and bolts that are often needed for many installs.


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      I didn’t get any with the kit but on the sellers page it says they have spacers available on request but says nothing about the longer bolts I’d need, I have sent them a message to request some

    Click image for larger version

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ID:	156088 Having a bit of a nightmare with this all round, the bracket for the battery doesn’t fit my bike either


      hi mate. i had the same issue. the std mtb bottom bract width is 73mm if i remember correctly, the motor is 68mm. i just made some spacers from some nylon bushings that i have. i live 12 miles away from you, good to know that there are others doing the same thing.


        I have used these in the past for better mounting of down tube battery.

        Triple Bob and Hose Clamps for Secure Mounting of Hailong-01, 21700, and Reention Downtube Batteries. See Product Page for More Information