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    Just an update...odometer just rolled over 4000 miles (in about 1.5 yrs now). Still no issue with battery nor bbs02 unit. Haven't done any maintenance on it either. Had to replace my derailleur on bike, but that was all. Haven't even had any flats in longer than I can remember. Schwalbe Marathon tires are great.


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      Latest bike has BBSHD and maiden run was mid-Feb [2017] and started getting ridden first of March - 3-1/2 months, 1330mi

      Only maintenance "issues" is the top gear (smallest cog, 11t) on the cassette has been replaced twice and looks good for about 500mi. They are about $8 and I stocked up. The next gear (13t) lasted about 1000mi.

      First bike was put on the road July 2016, has bafang hub, is pretty much only a loaner at this point and is at ~2500mi


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        After 4800 km the lekkie was looking like this... A lot of broken teeth. Time to get it replaced.


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          Did 280 miles in my first month with my bbshd. Riding only on flat roads.
          I love it!


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            Just sold my ebike with my early 2015 BBS02 which had 6,411 miles on it, very little throttle used on it though, almost always pedal assist. Never feathered the brake when shifting and had no gear sensor so I had to replace the pinion gear around 5,000 miles. Should be good as new or better since I upgraded to the new pinion gear and plate from Doug at California Ebike which is supposed to be much stronger. New BBS02 has 1,400 miles on it and counting.


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              1,100 miles on a BBS02-B. Just started to squeak while peddling with PAS at 1,000 miles. Tightened everything up, squeak is gone. I have not lubed the motor yet. Still Quiet. I tend to baby the motor. No wet conditions, rarely at full power. I tend to ride about 12 mile trips each way, 18 mph. Very nice.


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                ~150 miles. ;)

                Lots of gremlins in my bike initially. Had lots to learn. The BBSHD has been great but everything attached to it needed TLC.

                Installed kit, battery charger was DOA. Lunacycle was great and fixed me up.

                Then realized that my beloved old Trek mtb bike was sorely needing alot of adjustments. New rear deraileur. New chain. Adjust everything.

                First trip across town and the cranks kept loosening up. Made it to my work place and lightened it all up and had a nice ride down a bike path. Pedals loosened up. Left one stripped on the way home.

                Got home throttle only. Yay!

                Second trip out with new Schlumpf crankarms. Right side was good but left side kept loosening up. Removed paint from BBSHD crankshaft, added Loctite and that problem fixed.

                Bontrager mtn bike tire had a pinch flat, ripped the bead out of the tire and broken a spoke entering a parking lot at too shallow an angle to the pavement lip. New spoke. Wheel trued.

                Schwalbe Marathon tires ordered. Big improvement. Lower noise and rolling resistance.

                Last night left side pedal stripped out.

                Order steel Sunlite unicycle crank arms. Parts here end of next week. I want to ride!

                I think that will fix it. ;)

                I did try installing the Luna BBSHD Aluminum Chainring Adapter and 42T Sprocket b/c I'm a big guy and the hills around here are steep. That chain ring is terrible for my chain line.

                Maybe after I wear out the original 46T sprocket I'll investigate the Luna Eclipse and see if that offset will fix my bike. I'd like to have more power for the hills and don't need major top speeds.
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                  Originally posted by joeaverage View Post

                  Maybe after I wear out the original 46T sprocket I'll investigate the Luna Eclipse and see if that offset will fix my bike. I'd like to have more power for the hills and don't need major top speeds.
                  As soon as you start going less than 46t the chain ring will need to offset more to the outside since it will need to clear the BBS housing that covers the reduction gear.


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                    (actually 42t is smallest chainring with significant "inside" offset)

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                    Highly recommend the 42T Lekkie Bling Ring to get that chain line back where it should be on most bikes. Helps a bunch when climbing too, over the stock 46T+ Bafang rings.

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                  BBSHD 5000 km without issues.


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                    Put a little over 1,000 on my first BBS01 350W/36V equiped eMTB, then sold it and built a BBS02-B 750W/48V eMTB. Just passed 1,500 miles on this one and going strong!

                    ADDED 9/6/17: Surpassed 2,000 miles on the ride above and built an eCruiser BBS02B that now has its' first 100+ miles on it. I share the 21Ah/1008Wh battery between my two rides to save costs.
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                      Over 1200 miles, zero problems. About 50/50 trail and street riding.


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                        Originally posted by Galroc View Post
                        BBSHD: 7100 Miles
                        Beast mode!


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                          Just hit 1000 miles on my BBS02 in four months. Super fun!
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