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Is there such thing as BBSHD Double Throttle Hack?

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    Is there such thing as BBSHD Double Throttle Hack?

    I'm just wondering is there a hack where you can hook up 2 throttles for BBSHD? I want to know how, i find it hard riding it 1 handed specially when i ran some errands using only front brake to stop, i think sometimes best way to stop using 1 hand steering is rear brake.
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    Given the rear brake is only 20-30% of the braking power, I'd reconsider.


      It depends on the surface, whether you're going straight or turning, and your weight distribution on the bike.

      Braking one handed on the front will cause the wheel to want to pull itself in the direction you're turning, and since you only have one hand on the bars your own weight will tend to shift forward onto the end of the handlebar you're actually holding.

      On something like a touring or hybrid bike this can all happen very fast if you're not ready for it (i.e. feet solidly on pedals and legs straight to keep you from shifting forward under braking), potentially leading to a very abrupt and ungraceful trip to the ground.

      Being one handed prevents you from being able to use your arms to keep you from sliding forward under braking, limiting the amount of braking force you can apply while remaining upright. If you hold yourself back on the pedals and shift your weight as far to the rear as possible, the back brake is probably the safest option given the fact that you're just not going to stop that fast one handed no matter what.

      You'd almost be better off braking with no hands, at least then you could be balanced laterally. But alas the brakes levers are on the handlebars.

      It's different of course when you're on a motorcycle that has a gas tank to lean on.

      For the dual throttle question, I don't see why you couldn't wire 2 in parallel, you might have to set the start voltage a bit higher in the software to compensate, and I don't know how it would respond to both throttles activated at once, but I don't see it frying anything.

      But I don't actually know that.
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