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BAFANG BBSo2b won't power on...

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    BAFANG BBSo2b won't power on...

    48v 750 watt- approx 1,700 miles. Hilly terrain.
    Did all the tests, a working display swapped in- no change
    Used programming cable to by-pass display- no change.
    I had previously diagnosed a stressed display connector (mounted a bit tight to head stock for extreme 180 twists from wrecks and packing in car...intermittent display turn-off always cured by reboot, was traced to a wiggle of connectors.) Would this short destroy something?

    After a full charge turned on briefly, then dead. with above tests figured it was the down stream cable, replaced 1t4 cable- no change.
    checked battery continuity, unplugged peripherals- no change.

    I had previously successfully performed a couple of conservative program changes with via chrome,at around 500 miles.
    I tried hooking this up and though the serial port was found and connected, no parameters appeared not even make and model AND both 'read' and 'write' options were all greyed out...then suspected water infiltration or loose connection in controller. Opened it up, clean and dry, connectors connected.

    So- am I right in assuming the controller has failed?

    I was going to lube soon any way, so a good time to clean it all up- then I noticed a small crack on the edge of the PAS disc ring...would this stop everything?
    Will it still operate and/or deteriorate more? or should it be replace before closing up?

    Thanks for any suggestions

    OK, so no advice here so far,. I replaced controller and motor runs with throttle when programming cable by passes display, with new 1t4 cable, but not the old cable, so nailed that. The display is still out. So now the question is, has the display crapped out too? or is it both sides of the connector. the odds don't seem to favor the controller and the display both dying at the same time, so I'll try cutting the connectors out, and splice with solder, while awaiting a spare, at least I can use it as a diagnostic tool in the future if the original revives with a solid connection.

    Can anyone tell me if a shorted display cable is responsible for burning out the controller and/or the display? Or, is this just bad luck.
    Meanwhile A PAS disc ring is only $6 so that's on the way and I'll change it out while I'm at it, a busy week ahead that will distract me away from reassembly, but my dog is getting bored with downtime?

    and what does one do with a burned out controller, not sure I have the stomach to dig it open, but i'm sure someone would.