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    Shorter allows faster pedal cadence. This is preferable with bbshd. Less of an issue on bbs02 as it's geared a bit slower. Go with 170mm


      That's up to you. Folks who like to pedal more and are taller with large feet would choose the 175mm ;) The shorter cranks might give you slightly quicker cadence and less torque from your legs.

      Originally posted by tommie View Post
      Hi Guys, I see they do two sizes, 175mm and 170mm, which would suit the BBS HD best??


        I just installed the Shimano crank arms. They are noticeably sturdier than the stock Bafang arms. May be just a bit heavier too. The stock crank arms twist too easy under pessue, to a point affecting the foot/ankle alignment. The Shimano ones are stiffer. Overall, pleased.

        Unfortunately, the Shimano cranks come with bolts that require a socket wrench, which is not good - no one carries large sockets ontheir bike. I reused the Bafang bolts, which use a hex key, which I do carry with me in my bike kit. But the protective plastic caps that come with the Shimano bolts and arms don't fit this way, so the bolts are exposed ...


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          Stick a piece of tape over the hole to keep it clean.

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          The bolts from my BBSHD kit have plastic guards around them, so they protect the threads below well. Only the bolt head is not protected. I don't typically ride in rain and mud, but I will probably follow your advice and put some tape or glue minicell foam over the bolts.

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          I wanted to mention the tool in the Luna Tool Kit with the two sockets (one on either end) works great to install the Shimano crank arms. Possible to carry that tool in a repair kit if you wanted, although since I've installed the crank arms on my cross-country bike I've put them through sheer hell and they haven't loosened up at all.

        I believe I used the same cranks and had no issue using the bafang supplied bolts with the Shimano supplied covers. See a picture of it I posted on page 1 of this thread. I don't recall doing anything particularly special to get it to fit..


          Do your bolts have plastic ring around the head? Mine do, and this ring leaves a very shallow hole, so the plastic covers can't snap in place.


            Ok so I checked, I do have some of the bolts with plastic but I used ones that fit a regular socket wrench. Measuring with calipers showed no significant differences in overall length, length of threaded section, or length of the cap. However it is .5 mm larger diameter cap. If you got a Dremel you could probably shave off the lip of the plastic with a few minutes of work.

            Click image for larger version  Name:	IMG_20170917_213628.jpg Views:	1 Size:	255.4 KB ID:	45525


              These on your photo look hesame as the bolts that came with my Shimano cranks. After I ride for some miles with the hex bolts, if I see no need to retighten, I might switch over to the socket ones and use the caps. Once the cranks are seated, they won't come loose so I can switch the bolts.


                Ah ok I was wondering where I got them since I'm using them on both bikes but did not recall buying bolts separately.

                I've not had one of these cranks work loose, or the bolt if that's the concern. On one set I used blue loctite and on the other I used anti-seize. Neither set loosened over time but the ones with anti-seize are a hell of a lot easier to remove. If it were a stock crank I would probably stick with loctite, but man those shimano cranks are solid. Like six months back my brother was trying out my bike and he gets off it while doing singletrack, stands on a single pedal and starts jumping up and down on it going "wow you built this really well!"... if that were a stock crank it probably would have been noticeably jacked up by the end of the ride but to this day the shimano cranks haven't moved a bit.