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Programming cable DRIVERS, does not show under COM ports, shows as "other device"

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    Programming cable DRIVERS, does not show under COM ports, shows as "other device"

    Even though this might be obvious to PC users, it was not to me (a Mac user). The programming cable requires drivers. It's difficult to find this information, even if you look on this forum.... thus I am posting this separately, with a more clear subject line, as the information applies to many builder or newbie questions about the programming cable.

    I only very recently succeeded (after many failed attempts with multiple PCs) to connect with my BBS02.

    My problem was that the cable never showed up under a COM port, always showing up as a "other device" in the device manager. This was true for my PCs running Window XP as well as Windows 7.

    On this forum, I first found mention of drivers needed, and some useful links: <--- I used a driver from here for XP <--- a driver source mentioned for W8 users

    I successfully installed a driver on my oldest machine, a 2004 ThinkPad running XP, and then the cable showed up properly under a COM port. Finally I was able to run Penoff's program (not even in administrator mode - though some might require that), and have happily made adjustments to my BBS02 configuration (mainly toning down the power of the PAS-1, and lower PAS levels, and also reducing the "time to stop" interval).

    reference here
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    I'm guessing that certain (but not all) Windows XP and later systems had the drivers pre-loaded. W10 did not but following the "find a driver?" prompt W10 was able to find (online) and seamlessly install the driver on the Lenovo tablet I'm using. Not quite plug and play but pretty close. Also using Penov.
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