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What is the expected behavior for the throttle?

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    What is the expected behavior for the throttle?

    I ordered my BBSHD unit with the Bafang BBSxx Left Thumb Throttle. I personally don't use the throttle, but part of the reason is I never bothered to get it to work.

    Is the throttle supposed to always take off, even from a stop? Do I need to be at a certain assist level for it to work?

    I'm starting to think I may have received a busted one, but that seems unlikely: it's such a simple part. What are some good ways to test if the throttle is working?

    With factory settings, throttle should work at all PAS settings, including PAS 0. It will pop a wheelie from a stop in a low gear. If it is correctly plugged in and doesn't work, you may have a bad one. It happens.


      Okay, mine is definiately not working then.

      Do you know if they are easy to fix? I take it it's just a potentiometer


        wait ...factory settings you dont get any throttle at level 0... and its hard to get full throttle from the throttle itself.

        where did you buy your bbshd from? it might be you just need to program your drive with some more agressive settings....


          Hey Eric, I bought the unit from Luna Cycle back in February. It's a Bafang BBSxx Left Thumb Throttle.

          I have a programming cable so I can play around with the settings. In all PAS settings I get no response (the motor doesn't budge or make a sound), even when fully depressed and in PAS 5. PAS 0 is also set to 1/1

          I recently restored the settings from the em3ev defaults (and then corrected the Limited Current to 30amps for the BBSHD unit)

          Do I need to mess with the Start/End Voltage of the thing in the "Throttle Handle" tab? I haven't ever touched those settings.


            So you feel no throttle ever? Regardless of program setting? In that case the throttle is definitely dead.