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Need explanations about PAS and throttle please ...

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    Need explanations about PAS and throttle please ...

    First, sorry if my english is bad but I'm french.
    I ordered a BBSHD with luna right twist throttle.
    I'm still waiting my stuff and using that time to read articles and posts on installation, programing, etc ...

    I don't understand exactly interactions between PAS settings and throttle.
    Is throttle behaves like a motorcycle ? without pedaling ?

    Could you light my mind about this topic please ?

    Thank you guys.


    Yes, a throttle behaves similar to a motorcycle. Twist the throttle to engage the motor. A Pedal Assist System (PAS) has sensors which sense when your foot puts pressure on the pedal (torque sensor) and this engages the motor. Some e-bikes have both enabled so you don't have to pedal to engage the motor. Just twist the throttle. Throttle only will generally consume more battery power, giving you less range. I hope this helps. Nico, where, in the Alps, do you live? I am just curious. I have always wanted to ride a motorcycle through the Alps!


      With typical programming from Luna, the throttle is always available to override whatever power is being send to the motor, unless the ebrake signal is active. So, if at a stop, or using PAS, you can always use throttle, and throttle setting will override. That could deliver more, or less, power than you are getting without throttle.

      From a stop with no PAS, it's like a motorcycle.

      If riding with PAS, then throttle takes over as soon as you engage it. If PAS is delivering high current but throttle is only on low, you get the low current as override, and throttle will actually slow you down vs. what PAS was doing.

      So, think of throttle as an override that can give you control at any time.

      Hope that helps, too!
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        Ok guys perfectly clear for me .
        Great thanks for your time to explain .
        It's a bit strange to think that use throttle can slow you down but I think it is just a habit to take. :-)

        munchmeister, I live exactly here

        Thanks again for your help guys .



          Originally posted by JPLabs View Post
          So, if at a stop, or using PAS, you can always use throttle, and throttle setting will override.
          ... and very helpful it is, especially at intersections.

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            Originally posted by Nico38660 View Post
            munchmeister, I live exactly here
            Looks like a perfect place for an e-bike Nico. I envy you!