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ebrake sensor installation on shimano brake lever ... need help plz

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    ebrake sensor installation on shimano brake lever ... need help plz

    I need your help and experience to install ebrake sensor on shimano M447 hydraulic brake lever.
    As you can see on the picture below, pivot point for these brake levers are pretty centralized so the lever is very short.
    I mean that if i glue magnet on lever close to the pivot point, I wonder if movement will be enough to cut signal. Click image for larger version

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    As these levers are pretty standard, i'm sure that some guys have already find a good working way to install it.
    Would it be possible to help me to find the best place to stick the sensor and glue magnet ?
    Also, is it possible to test in situ the good working condition before to glue it forever ?

    Thanks by advance for your kind advices.
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    Luna has these switches included.


      I asked the same question because I have the same Shimano levers. I watched the video on the Luna site and it shows the tip (part of the rectangular sensor farthest away from the wired end) of the sensor closest to the magnet. I ask them what part of the senor is most important in orientation but Luna never got back to me with an exact answer. But the video from the sensor provider shows them putting the "tip" of the sensor closet to the magnet.

      So I was going to use some 15minute epoxy putty and using some tape and mold release make a bridge with the putting filling in that curved portion of the lever. I felt that would be best because there is very little movment of the lever where you can place the senor and magnet to get more than 1/4" apart when the brake is grabbed. I felt if I could put the sensor in that curved part with the tip facing the handle and then put the magnet close to the senor tip it would be best.

      But there was another user here that put the sensor sideways. It seems to work but I'm not a fan of the wire going down and away from the lever either, but it does work. But I think this is also a slightly different Shimano lever, as it looks different than the one you and I have.

      I never got around to make the epoxy putty mounting bridge because I decided to unbuild that bike and put my kit on another bike.
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        OK thanks for your reply guys.
        I ordered only magnetic sensors cable because my bike is brand new then pay 20$ for cut off cables or 90$ for integrated cut off brakes, my choice has been made easily.
        I tried this morning to install sensors and magnet and fond a config that looks ok.
        I will post a picture later.

        Thanks again for your time.