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BBSHD install on Rover trike

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    BBSHD install on Rover trike

    BBSHD install on Rover trike

    The BBSHD kit I ordered for an install on my TerraTrike Rover is on it's way. My local bike shop (lbs) has agreed to help me install it (since I'm a neophyte late 60's senior), but while they have built other electric bikes and trikes, they have never none a BBSHD install. The entire parts list I purchased is listed below. Has anyone here done a BBSxx install on a trike? anyone done so on a Rover? If yes, what additional parts am I likely to need? My guess is I will need some extension cables... but which ones? Is the bike shop likely to have all the tools required? I hope to have everything I need (or as close as possible) when I take the trike and the kit to the lbs.

    Here is a little background info on my trike. The Rover is an entry level trike. It uses a square tube steel alloy frame. Mine has a Nexus 8 internal hub, 20" wheels all around, twist shifter, locking brake handles and mine is a 2014 model. The plan is to install the battery under or behind the seat and as low as possible. I hadn't ridden bike for more than a quarter century when I got my Rover in June. Since then I put more than 500 miles on it and loved every mile... what a blast! I just purchased a TerraTrike Traveler (foldable) so my wife and I could ride together. I suspect she will want the trike with the motor.
    1. Should the standard disc-brakes (front two wheels only) be sufficient to stop a (60# with BBSHD) electric assist trike?
    2. Should I add a brake to the rear wheel? Should I upgrade to a heavier duty disc-brake?
    3. Which battery charger should I purchase (best value?) as my primary charger (the one that comes with the unit is the small 2 amp black plastic charger that ultimately will become the back-up charger)?
    4. The kit came with the 73-100mm bottom bracket and mine is a 68. I've been told that I can get extra shims that will ensure it will fit. How many additional shims should I order and where do I find them on the Luna Cycle website?
    5. Which extension cables am I likely to need?
    6. What are some typical issues that arise - or are likely to arise - when installing a BBSHD (on the crank at the end of the boom) on a trike?
    7. What should I read or what other sites (or even where on this site) should I visit before starting the conversion. Or ideally, are there step by step instructions available anywhere?
    8. I've been assured I can easily adapt my 68mm bottom bracket with the Black Friday Special 73-100mm BBSHD. Is this true? Have any of you seen or done it?

    Here is what I ordered...

    Black Friday Bafang BBSHD Mid Drive Ebike Kit w Shark Battery
    BBSXX-DISP-DPC14 Luna Full Color Display DPC-14 For the BBS02 and BBBSHD
    BBSXX-THMB-U Bafang BBSHD and BBSO2 Universal Thumb Throttle
    52-SHRK-13.5-GA 52v Panasonic Shark Pack 13.5ah GA
    CHRGR-52-2A-B-PLSTC Standard Plastic 2amp 52v Dolphin / Shark / Bottle Battery Charger
    BBSXX-HYDRO-PAIR Bafang Hydraulic and Disc Brake Sensors E-Brake (Pair)
    BBSXX-PROG-CBL Bafang BBS02 and BBSHD Programming Cable
    BBSXX-TOOLS-LUNA LUNA Wrench BBSHD and BBS02 Mid Drive Installation Tool
    Any and all assistance is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance to all who reply! Mike (if you want to send me info directly please use: birder73 (at) gmail (.com)

    Partial answer:

    I had to upgrade my brakes from mechanical disc brakes with 160mm rotors to hydraulic disc brakes with 203mm rotors because the former were not providing enough stopping power. Since I upgraded, the improved brakes have prevented about one accident every month. You can sell your old brakes on eBay.

    If it were me, I would get another charger which is exactly the same. A 2A charge will extend the life of your battery over a higher rate charger. If you have two chargers that are identical, one charger could become spare parts down the road.



      you will need to order 2 of these spacer kits and use all the spacers in addition to the spacers that are included.

      You will need pretty much every extension.

      This is a pretty good starting point, make sure to watch the videos

      Yes you can make it work with a 100 mm. It just tends to affect the chainline. This is probably less of an issue with a trike since the chain is so long that it won't be nearly as extreme of an angle