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Chain & cassette wear gears 'slipping/popping' BBSHD/BBS02

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    Chain & cassette wear gears 'slipping/popping' BBSHD/BBS02

    Hi everyone

    I have a BBSHD on a fatbike and BBS02 on hybrid, both have lekkie bling ring 42 tooth chainring

    After quite little use on both systems (I'd say less than 100 miles) I've noticed my gears (usually the smallest cogs) start to slip or make a pop sound when under heavy torque. They seem to wear out very quickly.

    Is there any real solution to this other than replacing the cassette and chain?

    Would be cool if there were "heavy duty" chains/cassettes for high torque ebikes- anyone know of any?

    Have you adjusted the derailer? Like maybe it just needs some tuning, maybe the high limit derailer screw?

    My new derailer acted flaky until I messed around with which helped a lot.

    ebike chain

    sram made a groupset for ebikes. the cassette alone costs $375.


      Sorry I know the problem might sound similar, but its actually NOT a problem when changing gears.

      It happens after the derailleur has shifted fully into a gear --> "small cog" gear and apply a lot of force (pedal assist 5/9 or higher plus peddling hard). The chain slips over the teeth and makes a pop sound.


        What kinda derailer is it? Some kinds wrap around the sprocket more than others.
        Have you tried adjusting the B screw?
        The article will discuss adjustment of rear derailleur limit screws and indexing.


          This can be caused by excessive wear, it can also be caused by too loose/long of a chain especially on a FS bike, and as you've surmised, by too much torque since there are only a few teeth engaged on what ever your smallest cog is, 11 or 12 tooth. Check to make sure your chain matches your system as well, 9 speed chain on a 9 speed system for example.

          One other thing I've run into is that you can pack lube into the gap between the smallest cog that can prevent the chain from seating completely, this is usually a problem more with wax based chain lube, but if you get gunk in there, you'll get skipping.


            I developed the same problem after 3000 mile on my bbso2. My mistake of not keeping chain lubricated and clean. The road grit caused chain stretch and excessive wear. Changed chain cogs and front sprocket before no more skipping.
            Next step is to get an igh sturmey archer with 8 speed cassette. This sould keep me out of using the high slip 11 tooth cog at higher speed. Also will maintain straightest chainline. Shifting wears all components, bad chainline causes skip and excessive wear.

            Measure your chain for stretch.
            Change before it wears your sprockets. )ube and clean chain frequently.

            The surley stainless chain ring, cogs, and a stainless chain all might prove more durable under this high power, albeit spendy. In my opinion,DO NOT use lightweight aluminum, the savings in weight is not worth the down time. It wears much to fast and lacks the strength.
            My opinion.
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              All good suggestions thanks heaps!
              This is the bike
              Shimano HG200 11x34, 9-speed
              KMC X9
              Rear Derailleur
              Shimano Acera
              I have had bad experiences with adjusting all the derailleur limit screws etc. watching youtube videos where they have the 'perfect' setup and getting frustrated. The bike hasn't done that many KM, is there a rule of thumb for chain lube and cleaning, per KM? I guess "how long is a piece of string" eh. Depends on the weather, salt, snow mud rain..

              Ended picking up another shimano cassette (CS-HG300-9) and chain (9s CN-HG53) but would happily keep these as backups if I can resolve this issue.
              Alivio CS-HG300 9 Speed 11-32T Cassette: Great value in a 9-speed Hyperglide cassette sprocket. The Alivio HG300 offers slick, precise shifting, and is compatible with 9-speed Super Narr

              CN-HG53 9 Speed Chain: A 9-speed chain from the Shimano® Deore/Tiagra series.Chain type is super narrow HG, compatible with 9-speed cassettesIncludes one connecting pin


                Measure your chain or have a bike shop measure with go no go gauge or park tools gauge which gives you percentage of wear.
                Other than that, as impressive as pulling a wheelies at stop lights is impressive, RESIST the tenptation. Going full power on the throttle before you hit 5mph is especially hard on motor and drive train. I use pas. It limits the wasteful impulses and adrenaline rushes of full power.
                I tap the brake handle to momentarily shut off motor, or slow pedaling when shifting. Speed shifting puts unneccesary strain on chain and sprockets. Lower pas levels do not seem to put shifting strain on components. Full hand throttle is crunching noises on power shifts.
                but still drag racing and wheelies are fun and when you have the capability, temptation is just to much to resist. Just have to be ready to pay for it.


                  If it's hard to set the limit screws for good shifting across the whole range, that's often a symptom that your derailleur hanger has been knocked out of whack. LBS can check it, and there are tools for around 50-60 bucks, too.

                  Not sure it will help your skipping, but the shifting. In my experience, I've only gotten skipping when there is gunk packed around the sprocket, as mentioned above. Haven't worn out a chain yet.
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                    Thanks guys I'll look into it.

                    Gr8fun, I actually hardly ever use the throttle haha. On my BBSHD build I did full throttle from stand still when trying to cross the road and the chain snapped.
                    If I ever use the throttle, its usually when I'm at top speed and pedalling like a maniac also trying to get over that 40km/hr pas speed limit.

                    When this first happened with my BBSHD build, the bike shop mechanic just said the teeth on the 2nd to last cog and last cog were just worn out. He said that it was because I was mainly using these two last gears 'most' of the time. Its quite a while from my house to the trails so perhaps thats why. Also, when my chain snapped, I took the broken link out with a chain breaker and threw the chain back on the bike. It snapped again and replaced the chain. I've been told to never replace the cassette without replacing the chain since the older one will wear the other one out.. perhaps thats part of the problem.


                      Chains are cheap, cassettes are not, I replace probably 3 chains per cassette and yes, new cassette = new chain and maybe even front sprocket. They are consumables like tires. I wipe my chain down with a rag and lube it every ride, but it's an old habit and I can't stand the sound of a dry chain.


                        My KMC ebike chains , and my steel 10 speed cassettes, are each about $50. 1700+ miles, good so far. I do minimize high gear, though.

                        if you ride mostly roads, using a large chainring will let you spend less time on the smallest rear sprockets.
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                        Fabrication is fun! Build something today. Show someone. Let them help. Inspire and share. Spread the desire.


                          Originally posted by jakethe5nake View Post
                          Would be cool if there were "heavy duty" chains/cassettes for high torque ebikes- anyone know of any?
                          Have you thought about a IGH?

                          Here is a great article about them....


                            Yeah I will need to get into a better maintenance habitat.

                            Originally posted by M 2.0 View Post

                            Have you thought about a IGH?

                            Here is a great article about them....
                            M 2.0 funny you should say, I was actually looking at CVT's today. Karl has a review of some of the Nuvinci ones. Only problem is they seem to be super expensive - $400-500 CAD

                            and better suited to the power of the BBS02. Was thinking the Nuvinci 330 for my BBS02 commuter, I wonder what they gearing is like compared to the 11 tooth cog
                            NuVinci built this really cool CVT in 2015 called the N380 which they say can take a whopping 350 Watts of power (as long as it’s not a cargo bike, then you can only get a measly 250W). I&#82…


                              I just got a Sturmey - Archer 5 spd with a 90mm drum brake. The price is very reasonable and they are supposed to be for heavy use. If it is as strong or stronger than their hybrid drive I will have no problems. This IGH comes with a twist shifter, brake cable, all hardware, and an 1/8 inch 18 tooth sprocket. This sprocket needs 1/8th inch BMX chain which will end even the thought of a heavier chain. I am a couple of months away from testing so you will have to wait for a review.

                              Sturmey-Archer RXL-RD5 5 Speed Drum Brake Hub - 135mm Spacing :: From $143.00 :: Sturmey-Archer 135mm Rear Hubs