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Bottom Bracket Converters you have tried to get the BBSHD or BBS02 to Fit

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    Bottom Bracket Converters you have tried to get the BBSHD or BBS02 to Fit

    If you have bought a bb converter that worked well for getting your BBSHD or BBS02 to fit in your bike... please share the converter you used, a picture of the adaptor and a link where you bought it.

    PF41 / BB86 / BB92 If you have one of these BBs this nifty kits made to get the bbshd or bb02 to firmly lock in place. This was made specifically to really lock the BBSXX with no slipping.

    Click image for larger version

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    • skymon
      skymon commented
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      That's beautiful. Do you sell those separately? (as opposed to including them on complete bikes)

    We would need an adaptor to cover the various other sizes, like the BB121, BB30, BB30a

    Something similar to this can be used on any length

    The issue is that it won't prevent rotating the motor, unless we loctite it in place and make notches on them to bite on the BB casing and on the triangle plate.


    • PatrickGSR94
      PatrickGSR94 commented
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      Since the BBSxx doesn't actually use the BB shell threads, an adapter like that could be made without the internal threads, just large enough for the BBSxx spindle housing to slip through. But like you said it would need some sort of teeth on the inner surface of the flanges.

    • Sebz
      Sebz commented
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      Well yes that is what we will do, just like the other adapters we made, no need for threads on the inside!