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Bafang MAX Drive (~ European BBS01 assembled kit) upgrade

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    Bafang MAX Drive (~ European BBS01 assembled kit) upgrade

    Hi there, I have bought a bike with so called MAX Drive kit because it is the only legal option in Europe. I thought it would be just a 250W BBS01-in-a-cover unit that is easy to improve but damn... how was I wrong! The kit not only has no throttle (expected in EU), but also there is no brake cut-off and gear sensors connectors. I thought I could just go ahead and upgrade this kit until I realized it really differs from BBSxx units. Here come my questions:

    - can I replace the controller and even motor with ones from BBSHD or at least BBS02? It seems to me they won't fit into my frame specially designed for MAX Drive.

    - if no, can I still upgrade the following:
    1) EB-BUS cable to hook up cut-off sensors and the throttle? I was about to order all these cables from Luna until I realized MAX Drive has ANOTHER EB-BUS cable with a rectangular-shaped white connector to the motor instead of the standard round connector. It is so lame that on the other end of my EB-BUS cable is the only single connector to the display. I failed to find a replacement for my EB-BUS.
    2) Can I reprogram this unit with a cable from Luna? Inspired by Karl Gesslein I'm ready to disregard all German regulations and try to squeeze out all out of the kit. Namely, I have a "walk-assistance" mode activated by 2 second holding of the minus button. I suspect it is controlled as a kind of the cut throttle. It would be awesome to e.g. increase speed limit of the walk assistance from the current 4 mph to 10-15 mph and get a decent throttle substitute in this mode.
    3) Can I install a new display with this system? The only advantage of my kit I found so far is a separate button that turns light on/off. I am not sure if this function and the whole MAX Drive system is gonna work with another display.

    I am starting to regret I did not go DIY. If anybody has any experience or thoughts on how I do upgrade, please share. Photos are attached.

    Thank you so much in advance!

    P.S. You guys are really happy to reside in the free country with most liberal e-bikes laws :)
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    I have a bike with the same engine.

    There is one thing I could do is program the controller. I believe the assistance to the walk is not modifiable <has checked>.

    For display I'm not 100% sure, But I imagine it is possible since the programming protocol is identical.

    For the rest I do not want to tell too much history, i just assumed that the design is identical to the largest share.


      je suis dans la même situation que vous.
      j'ai réussi à modifier la programmation du maxdrive avec le logiciel bafang-configuration-tool et un simple cable usb.
      depuis 2017, vous avez surement trouvé la solution.
      avez vous installé un accélérateur au pouce?