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Bafang BBSHD Bluetooth adaptor for controller

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    Bafang BBSHD Bluetooth adaptor for controller

    Hi I have received my in line Bluetooth adapter for my BBSHD.

    to have a look at one look up Fore Rider as an app for your phone and you download the app and can order the adaptor for your motor

    so fitted ok

    it seem to cause an error on the controller display.

    but you turn the current system off

    and it works fine

    lots of customization on phone but will have to wait for paid version of app to boost max speed.

    anyone else got one of these??

    It talks to the BMS as well . but unfortunately not mine . I get battery level only but there seems to be support for certain Batteries.

    let me know how its going.

    just got to find the right holder for my Samsung S6 Edge now. One that protects phone a bit as well

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    Click image for larger version

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    Some pics of App and Connector


      Has anyone else used this App and Bluetooth controller on their BBSHD or BBS02? It would be nice to hear some reviews.


        Hey now
        I ordered one 11 days ago and 4 working days later I got an email stating they were about to ship via TNT they just needed my phone number so I'd advise to put that in the order
        I'll put a quick review when I get it
        on the Play Store ForeRider only shows 100 downloads and the newer pro update limits speed so downloaded both

        I'm currently testing an EggRider and I see this as solid direction for Bafang users
        Eric mentioned he's coming out with one and I've been researching and tinkering one together


          Do you have to use the stock display with this or can you use this on its own? If you can ditch the stock display then I'm sold. :D


            OMG it just appeared in my mailbox with the speed it was worth
            $25 shipping
            doing a quick set up I don't have all the configurations set on my BBSHD but it is working and yes both this and the EggRider you can ditch the display

            Eggrider is very beta the programming of controller PAS settings perfect but voltage reading isn't happening

            I just started playing with ForeRider so I can't give a good review but initially i happy learn with the ForeRider I can turn off the controller
            I can power up the Batt-man but motor is off phone on or off I have to start phone and app to start the controller

            EggRider and ForeRider are both a great step forward Eric mentioned he might be throwing his hat in the ring with a device

            The great things they both do is read/write controller settings
            I don't want to put my phone or a $10 eBay phone on my handlebars
            The way I've used EggRider is work a belt pouch I'm keeping the Batt-man
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              Some updates ForeRider can somewhat work without the display but works better with it plugged in
              ​​​​​That is hackable
              Other thing is the pro version limited speed and amperage 26mph/41km and 15amp if I can't hack that then I'll stick with the better programming and no display of EggRider
              But it's great to have options and I'm confident that they both willl upgrade the software


                The EggRider is very easy to use. Hook it up takes seconds. I use an old phone that has blue tooth and wifi. I go back inside and enter a new profile while drinking coffee. I don't use it as a display. I change back after programming. I like the buttons on the bike for PAS. Don't want to have to press small numbers on the phone. Not as easy or convenient to do. Look forward to seeing what others come out with. This is around 50 bucks, or maybe it was 50 euro, I don't remember. I would get this and not spend the money on a programming cable. Then it seems really cheap.


                  As an update, you can also program the Ludicrous controller with the EggRider.


                    Just got an EggRider today. I haven't hooked it up yet because my BBSHD's wiring harness has been modified. I opened up the EggRider to take a peek, it was quite disappointing. First sight was a hair stuck in the pink goo they've used for potting. No pics taken until after I removed the potting..............and hair.
                    Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_2.jpg
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                    The left circle: the connector is cracked, should be okay. Users beware, there is nothing holding the wire into the case except a little blob of hot glue (removed here). Top right circle: It looks like the trace was pulled up off the pcb here. Lower right circle: No idea, a very short piece of yellow wire sticking out connecting to nothing. If it weren't for the existing antenna trace, I'd guess bluetooth antenna.

                    Overall it definitely looks "Beta" & homemade. Hopefully it works, and keeps working. I'll update whenever I get around to hooking it up.


                      Hey Epyon thanks for the pic mate, can you please try and get a photo of the other side of the board?


                        Here you go. Not much to see.
                        Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_20170901_104720.jpg
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                          Thanks heaps mate, whats the device name on bluetooth? if you have got it on yet


                            Well, I hooked it up. Bluetooth name is HC-06. It seems to work. No voltage display like others. Successfully changed a few settings. I get a "write error" every few tries. It seems to handle the 61.4v it's receiving as well. I'm just going to tuck it away in my battery box so I don't need to keep my programming port accessible. I don't intend to use the speedo or anything.


                              Well that didn't last long. My Eggrider is dead. Maybe it didn't like the higher voltage after all. It was nice while it lasted.