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Bafang BBSHD Bluetooth adaptor for controller

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    I have a few questions:

    Dose the Fore Rider app reprogram the controller so you can use it with the original display with the new settings, or do they only work with the app?

    Dose the original display work when the bluetooth dongle is not connected?

    Great forum!


      Can't speak to the Fore Rider. The EggRider allows you to program the controller and then use the display with those settings. The display does work when the dongle is not connected.


        Originally posted by SulshyBoi View Post
        Hi I have received my in line Bluetooth adapter for my BBSHD.

        to have a look at one look up Fore Rider as an app for your phone and you download the app and can order the adaptor for your motor

        so fitted ok

        it seem to cause an error on the controller display.

        but you turn the current system off

        and it works fine

        lots of customization on phone but will have to wait for paid version of app to boost max speed.

        anyone else got one of these??

        It talks to the BMS as well . but unfortunately not mine . I get battery level only but there seems to be support for certain Batteries.

        let me know how its going.

        just got to find the right holder for my Samsung S6 Edge now. One that protects phone a bit as well
        I cna you help me?
        tthe bluetohhot works with bafang bbshd 100w?