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BBSHD - Crunched my gears - motor now clicking

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    BBSHD - Crunched my gears - motor now clicking

    I have a BBSHD on a 29ER mountain bike with a 9 speed derailler, done about 1,500km.

    My chain has been jumping a bit after I put on a new chain, but not a new cassette (which I was about to do), but yesterday I had a major derailleur crunch when changing down from top gear at low speed on full motor power. I do have a Gear Sensor, but I think I screwed up and was not pedalling as i changed gear (I would normally reduce the power as I pull up).

    The motor cut out for about 10 seconds (controller doing the right thing I guess), then it came back. Now, when the motor is driving I get a clicking that is quite pronounced through the pedals, at about 10 clicks per rotation of the pedals when the motor is driving. I know this is nothing to do with the drive chain as it goes away when the motor is off. It is worse at higher powers.

    Other than the click, it all still works fine. I rode about another 7Km like that at lower power, and it didn't seem to get any worse.

    Can't find anyone on the forums with the same issue (yet).

    My theory is that I have done something to the nylon reduction gear. I haven't opened it yet, but I am inclined to order one before i do.

    Very upset that my favourite toy is broken :-(.


    Yes, it seems opening up the unit is the next step. Ten clicks per revolution does make me think that you have damage to you pinion gear. provides a pretty good Idea of what you are getting yourself into :)