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Luna new Color 750c Display

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    Luna new Color 750c Display

    Just received the 750c Display and have a couple of questions.. Once in the advanced menu options, there are a couple of unfamiliar entries ..

    Poles in motor(default 1), Start after Poles (default 3) .. so before I mess with any of theses settings, I have already custom programmed my BBS02 settings to my liking through programming cable.. will the new display overwrite my settings? or, are the 'Poles' settings on the 750c display something entirely different..

    Thanks for any help.

    In my experience poles refer to DD (direct drive) hub motors when calibrating speedometer based on motor rotation/commutation? Not sure what Bafang would be doing with that on this display as I'm not familiar with any Bafang DD motor hubs?

    Oh, it just hit me - maybe it's for PAS how much crank movement before power is applied?

    I seriously doubt the display will alter any controller programming?

    What are some other settings you’re seeing in the AM setup? PAS levels? Speed limit?


      Here are a couple of quick screen shots of the Advanced Menu items..


      • ykick
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        Thank you for that. I'm not sure I understand all of it but it's very helpful as we go about understanding this new dash.

        What code did you use to access the AM?

      Just got one of these as well. The 1919 access code didn't work for the advanced menu. What did you use to get to that menu?



      • Eric Luna
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        1199 is the password

      Do not adjust the poles in the motor or pole start position... it will not overwrite your settings in your controller so dont worry.

      These setting would just effect your speedometer calibration.


        This might be helpful, or at least somewhat interesting. I found a users manual online for the 850c that shows the same advanced settings as the 750c. The 850c appears to be the same as the DCP14 but without any brand name on it. I contacted the email provided in the manual for more info and they replied that those settings are not user accessable. It seems that the new advanced settings were always there but only made accessable in the newer 750c. I put a copy in my dropbox if anyone is interested in taking a look.


          We are testing and getting information on this display.

          You can find a listing of all the settings here:


            Does the 20a limit actually override or change the bbshd settings? I have it set to 30a on the controller.


              How to enter the settings mode on the 750C? It does not work with the enter button like the 850C.


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                Tap twice, very quickly, the M button.

              I got this controller hoping to get a more functional battery gauge for 52V packs. I was disappointed and removed it. It is worse in every way than the 14 it replaced.

              It's a nice looking display on the bike and I was initially pleased, but:

              The battery gauge "supports" 52V but doesn't compute remaining capacity any better. It's still worthless for 14s packs. It does display 58V, though.

              The power display no longer has a current mode. As my BBSHD is a ludicrous, the power numbers are wrong and current is more useful.

              The analog gauges don't seem to map to anything reasonable and are distracting. They can't be turned off.

              There are other cosmetic issues that others have touched on already.

              The biggest complaint I have, though, is that the controller is unresponsive to repeated button presses. It seems like you need to wait a couple seconds between presses or the input is dropped by the controller. This is unacceptable to me and the reason I removed the unit. Can't change PAS nearly as well. The older, portrait display works much better.