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BBSHD and the Ludicrous Mod

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    BBSHD and the Ludicrous Mod

    I had one of the first BBSHD Motors off Eric and I am still enjoying it ( no matter what my Misses say about not having a proper bike).
    Originally i had a 48V(51V) 20Ah Triangle battery which has just died. which i intend to very carefully take apart to see what happened.

    So I have just bought a 48V 17ah Big Whale Electric bike battery made with Panaconic 3400mAh NCR18650B instead.

    So i also fancy the Ludicrous Upgrade BUT will i get any benefit with this Pack.

    anyone Know ????

    thanks Mark

    That has the 30 amp BMS, so you could only get a few seconds of boost over 30 amps before the BMS limited it. You could take the pack apart and solder on a new BMS, and while you're soldering, take the controller apart and solder on the controller mod resistors to allow up to 50 amps of power.


      Besides the BMS being limited to 30A continuous, the NCR-B cells are only going to tolerate short bursts of 10A per cell, and with serious voltage sag. 2 of those packs in parallel would be just great, though.
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