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Should I buy spare parts to have on hand?

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    I just made a $150 plus order of spare parts. I got everything that Luna has except the big steel gear. I finally received the nylon gear the other day.

    I am also finding myself buying spare shift and brake cables. Most all of my bikes are 26 X 2.XX tire size so a couple of good tubes are in the bin and I grabbed a couple of KMC 8.99 chains at a good price the other day. Most of my popular sized hardware that I scrounged in my dealership days is gone so I think a good assortment of stainless is on the horizon. I hate to stop working and going out looking for the misc. nut or washer.
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      Great pic AZguy! Leaves nothing to chance. In my post, I reference to the female part of the cable, but should have said the male part. At my age I guess I can't tell the difference anymore. Anyway, thanks for the very good advice. I ended up getting the replacement part from The E Bike Store in Portland. Owner, Wake, went the extra 10 miles and opened the store just for me, and in the process, saved our family vacation.

      And I did have a spare throttle. Per the Law of Murphy, I didn't need it.


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        Can't take credit for the original pic - it's just a repost. I d/l'd from forum and put it in my pile of ebike documentation so I don't remember who to give the original credit to... Regardless, the pic is worth at least a hundred words =]

      I have abused my BBSHD for 2000mi and did a teardown, inspect and relube. There was only the most minor visible signs of wear but nothing that could be felt by running a finger over the borders of where there is visible wear and where the parts aren't wearing. In fact it all looked to be in great shape with adequate reasonable quality lube.

      I've worked on enough chinese machinery and electronics to know that not all is poor design and manufacturing but that most is. This was very good - both design and manufacturing quality.

      BTW, aside from the RTV sealing all the holes between the motor core compartment and the controller compartment this was super easy to work on and aside from dealing with the RTV took very little time. If there were no RTV it would have been a 1/2 hour job. I don't understand the RTV though. The two compartments that are being sealed from each other are both sealed from the outside and neither would be happy with moisture since they both have exposed wiring although the motor side would likely be far more susceptible. My best guess is that they had a few units that leaked into the controller compartment and they decided to goober the electrical pass throughs with the RTV. If I had to do it over, especially living here in such a dry climate, I'd probably not replace the RTV the next time...


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        Yeah I just dielectric grease those holes instead of using more silicone. Grease should be fine, not like it's going anywhere

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        Good idea.... I don't know when I'll dig in that far again. The primary reduction (motor shaft gear, the nylon gear) and the nylon gear bearings and pawl look like unless they are abused very seriously and broken there's not much point in tearing it down that far, especially if you've already been there and properly lubed everything. The secondary reduction (the large steel gear around the crank and the gear on the end of the nylon gear shaft) might be a different story but it's super easy to get to that - I could relube it in 10minutes....

      After the teardown I won't be ordering any spares... I can't see any good reason. If I had multiple units... maybe but even then I doubt it.


        I don't see any need for spare BBS02 parts. The only thing I have purchased was a new plastic cover for the chain ring side. I had my chain ring bolts come loose and they dug into the plastic. I caught it before they wore all the way through, but since I was placing an order with Luna I bought a new cover to install next time that BBS02 comes off a bike.
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          I decided to go for a complete 2nd kit as backup.

          I had problems diagnosing a failed controller and realized that everything other than the core Bafang motor can and does fail or get damaged. Yes it is possible to bypass the display as a get me home but that doesn't help the next day while you're waiting on a replacement. It's not like you can pop into your local bike shop (LBS) and get a replacement. The only way to be sure your controller is the problem is to either swap it out for another or strip out the grey potting to visually inspect.

          Anyway, I wanted to upgrade to the 850c/dpc-14 colour display and worked out that a new kit including the display wasn't much more expensive than buying individual spare parts.


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            I hope that somebody starts doing this with ebike motors. One can find individual parts for bikes, computers, etc. readily available for sale. Why not ebike motors?

            It would be amazing if somebody bought brand new motors and carefully disassembled them and sold off the parts on eBay. I think that these items would sell very well. Or do people consider ebike motors like toasters, microwave ovens, etc. where a broken on is thrown out and replaced with a new, complete unit?
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            Majority of hub motors throw it out and buy a better one, imo.

            BBSXX drives may be worth some fiddly repairs but if/when it gets into Hall sensors or burnt windings it may be best to simply replace with bare motor unit.

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            I worked in small electric and air tool repair at a rental center in a lumber yard. There were a lot of things we wouldn't touch because new ones were so cheap. A Black & Decker electric hedge trimmer for instance was so cheap you couldn't even replace the cord for the price of a new unit.