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BBS02 controller rework/repair tip...

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    BBS02 controller rework/repair tip...

    It would appear Version A BBS02 controllers may become harder to come by so I’m trying to replace shorted FETs on my own.

    I’m skilled doing component PCB rework but getting through all the potting to this controller is quite a challenge.

    This being a late 2016 controller it no longer used the rubbery grey stuff but there’s still some black epoxy shit drizzled onto everything and underneath the PCB.

    After removing 2 screws that serve as retainers, Karl’s awesome controller removal article suggests prying up on the heatsink screws to remove the controller. This didn’t go anywhere with me until I had the idea of heating the housing and potting just enough to release from the housing.

    See the photos as they're fairly self-explanatory.
    Click image for larger version

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    One thing which also helped IMO was to coat everything in WD40 so that if/when it started to smoke, that would tell me things were hot enough. It also helped everything slide apart more readily.

    So, now off to find 3077 FETs and see if I can get that big cap out of the way without destroying the cheaply made PCB? Will update as my undoubtedly slow progress continues.
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