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BBS02 new version?

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    BBS02 new version?

    Ordered a BBS02 mid drive kit to convert a bike and evaluate from

    The motor was different from what i expected from product description in a positive way.
    It has an extra cable for gear sensor at motor and a 6v output for Headlight controllable from display.

    Anybody that know how much power that can be taken out from that output?

    Click image for larger version

Name:	bafang-8fun-bbs-kits-with-gear-sensor-function.png
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    Notice it is called a BBS02B? The "B" on the end is the tipoff that you've got the "NEW, IMPROVED" version. I can't answer your question about the light output, but the link below goes to a discussion of some of the differences in the new bersion.


      Funny, I just received a BBS02B from Luna. I ordered a gear sensor with it but it doesn't have a cable for the gear sensor coming out of the controller. (or a 6v headlight lead) Big bummer cause I didn't catch it till I already had 80% of the installation finished.

      I naturally thought a Version B ordered with a gear sensor would have the gear sensor lead. In fact I thought they all did now. ????


      • Rider
        Rider commented
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        My BBS02-B bought late last year doesn't have those extra leads either. I did notice that a hold-down of the "+" button turns the color display background black and displays a lite headlight. I was wondering where I can plug in a headlight?

      • paxtana
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        Email support with your order number and we will send you a yellow Y splitter you can use for on the ebrake connection so you can plug in the gearsensor (if needed)

      • skymon
        skymon commented
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        That won't be needed. Sending PM

      Can one of those headlight wires be added to a BBS02B that doesn't have it? Thx.
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