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15h code Deluxe 500

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    15h code Deluxe 500


    this thread is for mostly just to document issues Ive encountered.

    first was my thumb throttle going bad, I was getting the "throttle in high position" error. I took the thumb throttle off and it resolved the issue. I had opened a ticket for assistance and did not recieve and email back.

    Yesterday, I went to take the bike out and got a 15h error code. it would run for about 10 min then the error would come on and I would lose power.
    I checked all conections and the spedo sensor as well, unplugged it and got the same error, re connected it and the same deal. I opened a new ticket for this and referenced my old ticket as well

    luna please help!! my bikes only got 20 miles of the odo, I need to ride!! thank you!

    If its the 750c display then its the speed sensor. it hay have been moved.

    This is the thread for aligning and fitting the sensor.