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BBSHD temp sensor

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    BBSHD temp sensor

    A ebike tech that worked on my BBSHD said they have a built in temperature sensor

    I tried to get him to install the aquarium thermometer after I burnt my controller and spliced it to some wires coming out of the motor

    I doesn't work, he said the thermometer worked perfectly when he had it

    Is it true these motors have a temp sensor prebuilt into the unit?

    There are actually 2 temp sensors - 10k thermistors - one in the controller and one in the motor. A while back I tried tapping into the motor one, but in doing so it changed the resistance to the controller logic and the unit wouldn't operate. Same when disconnecting the feed from the sensor to the controller. You could wire a third thermistor, connected in place of the motor's, then connect to the motor's sensor. It's the purple wire on the hall connector (and ground). You would loose the feature of the controller rolling back the power if temps get too high though. In theory.


      I think you answered your own question about overheating the controller
      there is an excellent article about installing a temp probe
      You should learn to do it yourself


        does the controller automatically roll back power?

        I burned out one controller, that is why I am trying to run a temp sensor/ thermometer

        I have a long steep forest road that I ride up and I am worried about another melt down

        it climbs 3000' vertical in 3 miles

        I have a 36t in front, fat bike, 36t in the rear

        runs at 1350w- 1440w jest to keep moving on the steep sections


          I bought an assembled bike and it is under warranty, the shop is here in town and they said they would do what I needed
          they changed the plan by tapping those wires

          they said there was no room in the controller area to accommodate the sensor

          I ordered a 30t front sprocket, but I think the geometry with the chain stay isn't going to work, we will see